iSqueek 2.0 is now available!

iSqueek, the app that put 18 squeaky toys in the pockets of dog lovers everywhere is now updated for iOS 9 and all the new Apple devices. Introducing iSqueek 2.0.

Larger toys, higher resolution graphics and 100% iPads and iPhone compatible.

For only half the price of one real toy at a pet store get 18 toys with iSqueek and take them anywhere.

If you’ve never had iSqueek and would like to get it now, simply follow the link below:

Get iSqueek (or update it) with this link:

If you already have an earlier version of iSqueek and are running at least iOS 8 (or higher) on your Apple device you can simply update iSqueek for free on your devices App Store by following the same link above.

We hope you like what we did and thank everyone for all their input and patience while we worked to update iSqueek.

Harry Apps

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