WordMill Deluxe Beta

WordMill Deluxe
What is WordMill Deluxe?

WordMill Deluxe is a fast-paced, real-time, multiplayer word game for iPhone/iPad.


Would you like to help us beta test our new iOS word game called WordMill Deluxe?

Here are the requirements:

  1. You must own an iPhone or iPad.
  2. You must be signed into Game Center (using your Apple ID) to play WordMill Deluxe. To do this simply navigate your device’s settings menu and click on “Game Center” (Settings => Game Center.) Sign in, or sign up (if you are new to Game Center.)

Here’s all you need to do to become one of our Beta Testers:

1. We need your name and email address, so fill in the form below and submit it letting us know you want to be a tester. You don’t have to have any technical experience and can choose to leave the testing group at anytime.

[contact-form-7 id=”19″ title=”Beta Test Wordmill Deluxe”]

2.  Next click on the button below. It will link you to the Apple App Store to download Apple’s free TestFlight app.
This app must be installed on the device you will be using to test WordMill Deluxe. It allows you to download WordMill Deluxe.

download testflight app

3. We will add you to our list of Beta Testers and send you an email with the link to download our latest beta of WordMill Deluxe. You have to wait for this email before you can install Word Mill Deluxe.  As we create new builds of the game we will be sending you additional emails which will include new links to the latest WordMill Deluxe.

4. You can follow (and add to) the discussions about WordMill Deluxe at our Harry Apps Forum.  Simply click the button below to visit our Harry Apps Testing Forum, for the latest news and discussions.


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