iSqueek is the first virtual squeak-toy that reacts realistically to your touch. Each toy compresses and expands utilizing the iPhone's unique touch screen and speaker capabilities. iSqueek includes 18 individual toys, each with its own unique action and sound. Press on a toy longer, or shorter, to create longer, or shorter, sound bursts and gain the attention of your dog. Choose from the many colorful virtual squeak-toys to find the one your dog loves best. iSqueek will remember which toy you last selected, so that a favorite squeak will always be ready with one touch.


-  Realistic touch-activated motion.

-  18 unique and colorful toys.

  1. - Remembers last toy used or favorite toy.

  2. - User controls length of sound bursts.

  3. - Realistic compress and expand sounds.

-  Slick, smooth, and simple user interface.

  1. - Sounds that dogs will find irresistible.

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The Story Behind iSqueek

iPhone Application


July 7, 2009